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Show "N" Tell November 2009



Dan Cramer made a short presentation/demonstration of Sermos connectors and the $50.00 crimping tool that makes a perfect connection every time.
Tom Egbert had two new helis a T-rex 250SE "shown" and an E-flight Blade MSR mini with only one rotor that sells for $120.00 and really flys great.
Here is a picture of everyone at the meeting except for John Gilbert me "Keith Paskewitz" since I was holing the camera.  From left to right Ed Jelinek, George Eheman, Tom Egbert, Dan Lorimer and Dam Cramer.
Here is another shot showing Dan Lorimer's E-flight 1947 Taylorcraft clipped wing with E-flight 450 motor and 25 amp ESC.  It uses a Spektrum radio.
Dan's crimping tools are here on the left plus John Gilmer's 12 volt gel cell and battery charger.
Dan Lorimer, posing with his E-flight Taylorcraft clipped wing. This is a really nice looking airplane.  It is even better looking that the picture shows.
Ed Paasch made a presentation to sell magazines to help support that Keith Paskewitz does for the area clubs.  Keith Publishes plus five club web sites which include