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Show "N" Tell November 2010















































  We had a great turn and a good time at the December meeting.  We had Show "N" Tell airplanes to see and cookies all around.


       Tom Egbert did a short program telling about the many people that have purchased a Radiant Glider for a new Gliding event next summer.  There is a lot of interest in this event.

       Tom also brought his new F-86 FU865 from E-flite.  It is a very fast and fun ducted fan.  George Eheman Dan Cramer and Didier Watson to name a few also fly one of these fast foam Ducted Fan Jets.

       Keith Paskewitz brought the frame of a new airplane for light weight indoor flying.  It is made from .030 and .040 carbon fiber rods and it will be covered with Reynolds Wrap Mylar film.  (Probably clear film that will be sprayed with ink for paint.  I have still got to do more research on what ink will stick to thin Mylar.

       If your planning to build one of these be prepared for a tremendous amount of hours.

       Gary Grimes brought his Artec HB-ZFF coaxial helicopter.  This is close to the biggest  coaxial that you can buy.  It's a very pretty heli and a good flyer.

       Gary also flew his heli to demonstrate it's good flying characteristics.  He landed on his hand and held it.  That's what we call the Grell Grab!


       Here is a close-up of Gary's helicopter in flight.